Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Namenala. < trns. - (i miss you) pr.: naam-en-all-ah >

I am trying something new. I am writing in my journal, and then taking pictures of the posts, incorporating photos and do-dads and then uploading them as my blog. I was struggling with posting on the blog because I really enjoy stone age technologies right now, a "pen is greater than the (proverbial) sword" kind of thing. So above you will find my first psuedo-nouveau-archo-techno-blog post.

To put it in context these are the things you need to know:
- I got a job doing graphic design for the new cultural center that is opening at GENSEN. I will post some of the work I've been doing for them soon.
- I went to Ile de Gorée for 2 days with a pair of twins (Kate & Robin) for a petite vacance. Gorée is the only slave island (I believe I already wrote this...)
- Exciting but not important for this post: Mom & Holly are coming to visit me in Senegal, T-minus 2 weeks 4 days. Pretty sweet.

Ok...here I go:

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