Saturday, January 3, 2009

here we go again...

We are leaving tomorrow to go to remote villages to start working on microfinance projects. We will be gone for six days and are broken up into five unit teams of four people each; two american and two senegalese. I am going with an american girl named Katie, and the senegalese students are my friends Hubert and Fatou Mbow. Our unit is going to the villages of Mekhe (me-hey)and Mboul (bool) which are situated to the north of Dakar about four hours. Mekhe is the leader of high quality leather production in Senegal and Mboul is the former capital of the Cayor Kingdom which was once the most powerful in West Africa, today it remains a traditional village with little outside influence.

I also got a cell phone, if you need to call for EMERGENCIES only
my number is +221 77 323 56 25

ok that's it for now...more to come when I get back!



  1. I love it; I love it; I love it--your hair is terrific. I've been showing the pix to everyone. That's sure getting into the swing of things.
    How was your trip? Keep telling us all. Although we are running, running, it's nothing compared to your adventure.
    Do you sleep with the "natives" or with the people you came down with? What are some of the foods? Don''t I sound silly!!!!!
    We send our love and are excited for you.

    Nana and Gramps

  2. mommy said: what foods are you eating? are you eating?? you are so lucky to be there in the warm - its freezing here. We miss you - look forward to reading your blog and seeing more pictures soon?