Monday, December 29, 2008

My Senegalege name and lessons in Wolof

My Senegalese name is Nafyissatou, but I am called Nafy for short.

some Wolof I have learned:

Nanga def? -- How are you?
Mangi fi rek? - I'm fine.

Jerejef. -- Thank you.
Su la nexe. -- Please.

Nanga tudd? - What's your name?
Mangi tudd... - My name is ...

Mangi dem -- Goodbye.

Waaw -- Yes.
Dedeet -- No.
Surna. -- I'm full.
Dama xiif -- I'm hungry.
Dama neleew. - I'm sleepy.

1 -- bena
2 -- nyar
3 -- nyeta
4 -- nyenent
5 -- jerom


  1. Hello sweetheart. We wishing you a good new year and all you want. Things are just fine here. Still doing my Braille but find time to run, run, run. It is intersession so there are no classes right now. It starts about the second week in January. Love you, Nana/Gramps

  2. Just printed the picture of your new hair-do! Going native already! Your smile tells it all. Continue with your good work.